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Disney Magic English course contents 26 DVDs and 26 Activity Books

Each DVD comes with an activity book. It reinforces and helps children to remember what they have learnt throughout the DVD. Each activity book contains the following sections:

1. Play & Learn!
Children enjoy playing games. The games in this section complement the DVD activities which reinforce and check their understanding.

2. Activities
Fun activities relate to the topics on the DVD for children to do at home, for examples: how to make a drum, how to make snacks for friends etc.

3. Aladdin's Discoveries
Aladdin will take your children on a journey to discover how people live and talk in other English speaking countries! For example: Is a “sweety pie” a kind of pudding or term of affection? Children will enjoy learning more unusual features of life in English speaking countries.

4. Mickey's Quiz:
Quiz to test your children's progress after they watched the DVD.

5. Goofy's Story:
Children will learn to read and tell the stories about Goofy!

6. DVD Text:
Let children read the text in the DVD to make sure children understand everything they watch on the DVD.

7. Donald's Tips!:

Look - A brief explanation of certain grammar points in English language
Look & Try - Children practice the new concepts they have learnt
Don't Forget - Key words and sentences to remember
And each DVD comprises 4 difference sections:


Children will discover wonderful stories in English carried out by Goofy, Mickey, Donald and Pluto.


Children will be able to listen to the classic Disney's songs and sing along with the song and learn English from the song!


Children will be able to sing the alphabet in English, play with the letters and words and discover the magical word!


Children will be able to practice and play with the interactive games and practise their listening skills here!


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